Clover law is a next generation law firm: digital, approachable, and with a network that covers a host of industries.

With our specialist knowledge of business law, company law, intellectual property, copyright law, media law, IT law and data protection law, we are by your side no matter what your question. We combine our strategic acumen with legal expertise and have made competence, creativity and efficiency the bedrock of our practice.


Business and Commercial Law

We support private individuals and companies in all areas of business, helping our clients to forge new relationships in commercial law – result-driven, with tailored solutions based on our experience in a wide range of industries. Our focus is on startups and mid-sized companies.

We advise our clients in all questions concerning business law, assisting them in the creation of contracts and representing them out of court as well as in arbitration and litigation. We approach conflicts with skill and creativity.

Corporate Law

We advise shareholders and executives from startups and mid-sized companies in all aspects of company law. From establishing and structuring a business to exiting and conflict counseling – our expertise covers all areas of company law.

We help our clients to negotiate difficult issues, for example, disagreements between shareholders, executive staff and supervisory boards – in day to day business operations as well as in extraordinary circumstances, such as recapitalization, restructuring, corporate actions, exit transactions, shareholder conflicts or potential breaches of duty.

In critical situations – such as shareholder disputes, corporate crises, D&O suits and liability issues, or in conflicts involving commercial law – we stand at our clients’ side, supporting and advising them. We develop efficient strategies for attack and defense as well as for resolution, and we represent our clients outside of court, in mediation, arbitration and settlements, as well as in legal proceedings.

Intellectual pProperty and Competition Law

For many companies, intellectual property is their creative capital. That is why we help our clients to protect their valuable know-how, while still complying with competition law and observing intellectual property rights. We assist our clients in drawing up and negotiating contracts, registering and managing trademarks and handling other IP rights, as well as dispute resolution both in and out of court.


We represent our clients in courts of law or in arbitration – in the areas of business, commercial and company law, as well as in intellectual property. As a result of our wide-ranging experience in court, our clients also benefit from our counsel out of court.

Copyright Law

We advise companies and creative professionals on all copyright and copyright contract law issues, including the review and negotiation of license agreements, the licensing and clarification of content and the exploitation of rights in all areas, in particular music law, film law and photography law.

Media Law

We represent individuals as well as companies in all media and press law matters. The legal framework for the representation of affected persons in the media is complex. We support our clients in the protection of personal rights as well as in the examination, defence or defense of press reports in all formats. We accompany and advise from the very first journalistic inquiry.

Within the framework of efficient reputation management, we support our clients in the deletion of inadmissible statements in rating portals, blogs, forums, social media platforms as well as in the case of inadmissible ratings and statements in all search engines.

Information Technology Law

Information technology law (IT law) is one of the central legal areas of a digital economy. We provide advice on all legal issues concerning IT, EDP, Internet, e-commerce and software production. This includes IT project consulting and IT contract drafting. We also advise companies on all questions of Internet law and e-commerce, including the management of online stores, the drafting and review of general terms and conditions (GTC), terms of use and data protection declarations and all legally required website information

Data Protection Law

We advise and represent our clients in all questions of data protection law, including compliance with the latest data protection regulations in accordance with the German Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO), in the event of a warning or fine, or in questions of liability. With the help of our comprehensive data protection package, we achieve the legally required data protection compliance for every company.

Meet the team
We are a highly qualified team, based in the center of Berlin and active throughout Germany.
What sets us apart
We think unconventionally, love complex economic issues and approach each other and our clients as equals – with respect, trust and passion for our work.
What sets us apart
We think unconventionally, love complex economic issues and approach each other and our clients as equals – with respect, trust and passion for our work.

Next Generation Law Firm

Clover law is a next generation law firm: digital, holistic, by your side. Our ambition is to place the technological opportunities of the 21st century into the hands of our clients – and help bring about a progressive change in the legal profession.


Thinking outside the box

We at clover law work across disciplines and love to think outside the box. We are particularly proud of a network that spans industries, professions and countries. Not only do we keep an eye on business issues, we have firsthand access to all the latest developments – an advantage for us, an asset for our clients.


Creativity by experience:

We think like entrepreneurs, combining our strategic acumen with our legal expertise. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer our clients creative and intelligent solutions – and empower them, so they can achieve their goals.


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